Finance Committee

The Finance Committee of MFIC is established with the aim to provide one strong voice and approach of the banks, insurance, accounting, auditing and brokerage companies with regards to doing business in Montenegro. The idea is to have single platform where all members from the finance industry can exchange opinions internally, but also to facilitate their communication towards different external stakeholders, with the purpose of improving business environment in finance sector. It is also the best way to align views when it comes to commenting relevant legislation and going with the joint stand towards the CBoM, Ministry of Finance and other relevant state stakeholders, in order to make finance sector in Montenegro in line with good standards and practices to the mutual benefit. 

Permanent members of the MFIC Finance Committee are: Addiko Bank,  Erste Bank, Hipotekarna bank, NLB Bank, Crnogorska komercijalna banka, MasterCard, EBRD, General, Lovcen, Sava, Uniqa, Ekonomik accountants, Finveo and PwC.


addiko erste hipotekarna
nlb ckb mastercard ebrd
generali lovcen savaOsiguranje uniqa
ea finveo pwc




The Chairman of the Finance Committee is Mr Martin Leberle, CEO of NLB Bank.