Becoming a Member

Membership of the Council is open to all legal entities that share the goals of the Council and are willing to participate in its activities. The Council has full, associate and honorary members. A full member of the Council may be any legal entity established and doing business according to Montenegrin laws, in which one or more foreign legal entities with central office abroad or other foreign investors according to the Law have their own shares. All full members of the Council have voting rights in the Council's Assembly.

Each legal entity that does not fulfil the conditions prescribed for full members, but is a Montenegrin resident, is involved in international trade in goods and services and accepts the goals of the Council may be accepted as an associate member of the Council. Individuals publicly recognised as businessmen, diplomats, politicians or scientists in Montenegro or other countries, who may contribute to the development of international economic cooperation and who accept the goals of the Council, may be chosen to be honorary members of the Council.

The procedure of joining the MFIC is as follows:

  • When a candidate sends a request to the MFIC for membership, the MFIC office organises a meeting or asks for an interview in order to gain a general impression of the potential candidate.
  • If the candidate meets all the requirements to join the MFIC, the MFIC office sends the MFIC information package composed of the Statute, basic MFIC facts, a list of the current members and an application form.
  • Membership is formalised once the Board of Directors signs the decision on approving the joining of the new member of the Council.

The membership fee amounts to €1,200 and is valid for the calendar year.

If you would like to join us, fill in the application form and send it back to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.