ICT Committee

The ICT Committee of the Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council (hereinafter: MFIC ICT) is established to have “one strong voice” towards the relevant stakeholders with the purpose of improving the business environment (transparency and predictability) for the ICT industry in Montenegro. The aim is to maximise the ICT sector’s potential for contributing to Montenegro’s development from several angles.

The Committee’s mission is to encourage innovation, economic growth and improvements in daily life for both citizens and businesses by enabling a transparent, predictable and sustainable business environment.

The ICT Committee has the following objectives and scope of activity:

  1. Facilitation of relations among its members and empowerment of the common interests of its members by cooperation, coordination and joint actions;
  2. Development of a lucrative business environment in Montenegro for the members of the Committee;
  3. Improvement of the Law on Electronic Communications, by educating the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services and other relevant authorities and institutions, in coordination with international organisations and other business groups;
  4. Support for development of a democratic, free-market society in Montenegro;
  5. Expansion of the business activities of the members of the Committee;
  6. Raising of awareness among the appropriate stakeholders about the significance of improving ICT regulations in Montenegro;
  7. Promotion of continuous communication and cooperation between investors and the official authorities;
  8. Organisation of seminars, public debates, presentations and other events and promotions for the members of the Committee;
  9. Affiliation of the Committee with similar organisations in Europe; and
  10. The Committee may carry out any other activities, provided they are of an ancillary nature to and have a close connection with the main purpose of the Committee.

The work of the Committee is regulated under the Rules of Procedure.

The Chairman of the ICT Committee is Mr. Ivan Bojanović, from Saga Montenegro.

 Ivan Bojanović

The following MFIC members are members of the ICT Committee: