The Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council and the Chamber of Commerce will intensify their cooperation to use their synergy to improve business environment in Montenegro, it was announced at the meeting between the presidents of those institutions held on 14 th March 2018.

The Annual Assembly of the Montenegrin Foreign Investors’ Council was held on November 21st with the presence of most of the member companies. In line with regular procedure, in the first part of the Assembly President of the Council Mr. Christoph Schoen and Executive Director Mrs. Marija Sukovic presented Council’s activities in the previous period, financial report, membership status and planned activities for upcoming period. The 2017 was active year for MFIC that was involved in many important processes concerning the business environment in the country. The MFIC community is growing with planned pace, attracting the reputable new members that contribute to vision and mission of Council.

The first part of Agenda will include a closed meeting of Assembly with presentation of Council’s activities in the previous period, financial report, membership status, planned activities for upcoming period and election process of President and members of the Board of Directors for the new one year mandate, as defined by the MFIC Statute. The candidates for BoD are: Mrs Nela Belevic (UNIQA Insurance), Mr Nikola Ljushev (Crnogorski telekom), Mr Pal Kovacs (CKB) and Mr Rashad Rasullu (Azmont Investment). Candidate for the position of the MFIC President and President of BoD is current President Mr Christoph Schoen, CEO of Addiko Bank.

This year, MFIC will have the honor to host Prime Minister of Montenegro, Mr Dusko Markovic, as a special guest speaker, who will present to the MFIC members achievements of the Government in the first year of mandate and answer the investors’ questions in relation to the future steps of the Government in ensuring sustainability and competitiveness of Montenegrin economy, financial consolidation, suppression of grey economy, improvement of labor legislation, ways to reduce tax evasion, digital transformation and progress of the EU integration process.

Montenegrin Foreign Investors’ Council is an association of leading foreign investors doing business in Montenegro. It is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, established in 2009, with the aim to help improve investment climate and support business development in Montenegro.

The Council represents and expresses common interests of its members with the goal to further stimulate direct foreign investment in Montenegro and to facilitate communication and cooperation between the investors and official authorities of the state. It is also the best platform for sharing relevant information and aligns interests of various private owned industries in the country.

The Montenegrin Foreign Investors’ Council has released a publication in English The Guide to the MFIC, in cooperation with the regional editor Alliance International Media (AIM) from Belgrade.

In this publication, the members of the Foreign Investors’ Council as well as the representatives of the Government talk about business environment and investment climate in the country and identify the areas which need to be intensely worked on.

Guide to the MFIC 2017

The MFIC member, Terna company, is sponsoring the visit to their construction site in Jaz. The visit is scheduled for 10 th May with the following agenda:

10:00 Arrival ofMFIC members to the meeting point
10:15 - 10:45 Overview and main aspects of the project
10:45 - 11:30 Site visit to substraction (Lastva)
11:30 - 12:00 Site visit ti the terrestrial cable route along hill (near Jaška river)
12:00 - 12:30 Site to the landing point (cape Jaz)
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch

We invite all interested members to join us on 10 th May and to apply by phone or by e-mail.