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Business environment improves significantly...
Montenegrin Foreign Investors’ Council held its Annual Assembly 2021 on December 1st.
Pandemic considerably affects the vulnerability of Montenegro’s economy...

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The Montenegrin Foreign Investors’ Council - MFIC - is an association of the leading foreign investors in the country, established in 2009.

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Membership of the Council is open to all legal entities that share the goals of the Council and are willing to participate in its activities. The Council has full, associate and honorary members.

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White Book

The White Book is the most recognised publication of the MFIC. It is published every year and its main goal is to aid improvement of the business environment in the country through the various recommendations made by our members.


What are people saying about us?

Miroslav Hiršl

The Council is a great mechanism to represent the opinion and position of foreign investors in Montenegro, and is a kind of a “tool” that should be used in promoting common interests when communicating with different stakeholders. As a former President, I am convinced that the Council has enough strength to impact and improve investment and business environment in the country having as members the most representative foreign companies.

Miroslav Hiršl

- CEO of Societe Generale banka Montenegro, ex President of MFIC
Vladimir Beratović

The Government of Montenegro is strongly committed to enhancing the business environment to make it more attractive for foreign investments. Along with various partners, including of course the Montenegrin Foreign Investors’ Council, we have worked hard on comprehensive reforms in order to secure investment and to ensure possible and realistic economic growth and development. The Foreign Investors' Council and the Government have for years been committed to good communication, environment aimed at the development of the market, creation of new jobs and attracting investment. The comments and suggestions provided by the members of the Council and contained in the White Book provide a good overview of the situation and also pave the way towards a more attractive business environment. The Government and the Prime Minister's Office will be open to all those who desire to invest in Montenegro and to create a better future together, by means of partnerships.

Vladimir Beratović

- Prime Minister's Adviser for Foreign Investments
Slavoljub Stijepović

We owe a large debt of gratitude for the development of our city to the member companies of the Foreign Investors’ Council. In the Council we have found a reliable partner for cooperation in the improvement of the investment environment in Podgorica. Podgorica is a city that has proved to be a place where your capital can be safe, and together we will contribute to the continuous growth in foreign investment inflows. Our cooperation with you has made it possible to achieve the plans envisaged by the city's administration and citizens regarding further development of the city, which makes us particularly glad and enables us to look forward with optimism to the years to come.

Slavoljub Stijepović

- Mayor of the Capital City Podgorica
Biserka Dragićević

The Montenegrin Foreign Investors' Council is doing its job thoroughly and devotedly with an effort to create a real and authentic picture of the investment potential in Montenegro. Its contribution to our mutual interest which refers to the improvement of investment climate and business development in Montenegro is exemplary. The MFIC White Book represents an outstanding and significant result of its work and at a same time a useful guide for both international companies and the state administration.

Biserka Dragićević

- Head of the Secretariat, Secretariat for Development Projects
Bojana Bošković, MSc.

The Council of Foreign Investors in Montenegro has been our strategic partner in achieving our goals, aimed at improving the business environment and fostering economic growth. The partnership between the MFIC and the Ministry of Finance is a prerequisite for a stronger implementation of reforms in order to increase the efficiency and modernisation of public-sector services. Our future cooperation will be based on development of collaborative measures to facilitate business operations and make our country more attractive to investors.

Bojana Bošković, MSc.

- Deputy Minister for the Financial System and Improvement of the Business Environment

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