Scotch Whisky Investments

scotch whiskyAn international trading house born out of a passion for whisky. With years of expertise, our strong buying position with Scottish distilleries and our sharp focus on the future, we have all the tools necessary to help investors stabilise their investment portfolio. Before 2007, not a single person had heard of investing in whisky. Since then single malt Scotch has grown to become a mature, fully-fledged investment class. As pioneers, we are proud of the role we have played in developing whisky as an investment product. We have been active in the industry for almost two decades and we can see that the value of whisky will only continue to increase in the future. Our head office (including our whisky vault) is located in Sassenheim, in the heart of the Randstand conurbation and close to Schiphol Airport. In addition to this, we have our own bonded warehouse for the storage and management of casks in Scotland. We only trade in bottles and casks of rare single malt Scotch whisky and our team of experts looks after the entire process, from raw materials to the end product. Everything to make sure that serious investors such as you can invest in the future with confidence. Out vision of development is devoted to the expansion of Scotch Whisky Investment throughout the world. That is why we plan to open our branches in top 10 destinations worldwide and we started with Antwerpen in Belgium, within the Krasnopolsky Hotel and for the SEE region within the Luštica Bay in Montenegro with Scotch Whisky Investors Club. Founder of the Scotch Whisky Investments is Michel Kappen, who is today the owner of 80% of the company and the rest of 20% is shared among three key Dutch investors. The company holds the license from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and all investment agreements are signed with the Dutch HQ and financial transaction are conduted with the SWI account in the Netherlands. In Montenegro SWI started its business preparation three years ago and started doing business in SEE region two years ago. The company operates with around apx. employees in the Netherlands and currently 4 employees in Montenegro.