Riana Montenegro Holdings


Real Estate investments and Development
1. Discover Montenegro- Destination Management Company
2. Aiways Montenegro- Helicopter and Aeroplane Scenic, Charter and Transfers
3. Airways Aviation Academy- Aeroplane and Helicopter Pilot Training
4. Byblos- Restaurant and Hospitality
Total investment to date are approximately Euro 14 mil.

Riana Montenegro Holdings Ltd. is 100% owned by Riana Group, parant company. Our holding
company's operations consist of overseeing the companies its owns: Airways Aviation Academy Ltd.,
Airways Montenegro Ltd, Discover Montenegro Ltd., Byblos Ltd. As a highly-diversified group of
companies with activities spanning Aviation Training, Scenic & Charters, Tourism, Restaurants,
Property and Philanthropy, based out of Dubai, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of an
expanding array of investment opportunities across the globe.

Founded by Romy Hawatt, the Riana Group ethos is about being a good corporate citizen, about being
community minded and giving back. Riana Group is committed to developing diverse divisions that
are revolutionary and visionary in their respective industries. We are molded by a set core of values
that assist us in implementing the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision with integrity and

Airways Aviation is a world leader in aviation training. With more than 30 years of flight training
experience, Airways Aviation is globally positioned to respond to the demand for outstanding pilot
training and airline resourcing requirements. Airways Aviation provides international airlines with
access to exceptional crew. Their graduates have completed a rigorous training process, created in
consultation with the industry, which develops the complete range of technical knowledge, skills and
competencies. They are industry-ready and fully prepared for type training and the demands of
operating an airliner.
Airways Aviation is committed to creating equal opportunities and reducing barriers to entering the
pilot profession. They offer scholarships to potential aviators and encourage both domestic and
international students to pursue their career goals to the highest level.

Airways Scenic & Charter is a well-established operator in the Balkan Region. It specializes in
scenic flights, charters and commercial transfers across the region. The fleet consists of helicopters, a
private jet and light airplanes. Airways Scenic & Charter is the only owner and licensed operator of
commercial helicopter services in Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and the only owner and licensed
operator of commercial aeroplane and private jet charter services in Montenegro and Bosnia.

Riana Yacht is a 42-metre luxury motor sailing yacht, beautifully designed with the grace and
elegance of a traditional sailing yacht and the performance and amenities of a modern one. Built to the
highest technical and safety standards it has lavish decks and spacious and stylish interiors. Riana
offers uncompromising luxury for 10 guests in 2 double and 2 twin cabins, with an additional double
cabin located on the main deck.

Discover Montenegro is Montenegro’s luxury destination management company located in the heart
of magnificent superyacht marina and luxury residential development project, Porto Montenegro.
Discover Montenegro’s aim is to provide inspiration to locals and travelers alike in relation to the
many wonders of the small yet spectacularly beautiful country of Montenegro. The team at Discover
Montenegro will tailor your Montenegrin adventure to suit your particular interests, working together
with you to provide you the experiences and showcase the destinations you desire.
In conjunction with Airways Aviation, Discover Montenegro provides transport choices including jet
and helicopter transfers. It also offers the versatility of using a luxury helicopter to see the amazing
landscapes and historical landmarks of this beautiful country in one of the best possible ways, it is
certainly well worth looking at the Discover Montenegro offerings.

Byblos Restaurants in Porto Montenegro and Podgorica - Lebanese Restaurant and Shisha lounge
is a new, healthy and sophisticated restaurant in the heart of Porto Montenegro, located directly across
from the Regent Hotel and in Old Town of Podgorica, capital of Montenegro. Byblos provides an
authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dining experience with a relaxed, cool vibe and warm
ambiance matched with a passionate service team. Byblos offers an extensive menu which has been
created and prepared with passion by our highly experienced Lebanese Chefs to provide as broad a
culinary experience as possible.