ekoJUGOPETROL AD is the largest petroleum products company in Montenegro, operating the country’s largest installation in Bar. The company owns and operates a network of 40 EKO-branded petrol stations and supply facilities in three harbours and two airports. The EKO Retail Network offers EuroDiesel and Unleaded 95 and 98, using the Avio Diesel and EKONOMY 95 brands.

JUGOPETROL was established in Kotor, Montenegro in 1947. In October 2002, HELLENIC PETROLEUM GROUP acquired 54.53% of JUGOPETROL A.D. KOTOR through HELLENIC PETROLEUM INTERNATIONAL AG. In December 2014, the company moved its seat and headquarters to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, and was renamed JUGOPETROL AD.

JUGOPETROL AD is listed on the Montenegrin Stock Exchange.