doMEn Ltd

domenMedoMEn Ltd is a Montenegrin joint venture, founded in 2008 by Afilias Limited, and ME-net ltd., that does business as a .ME Registry. The company was chosen by the Montenegrin Government to operate the .ME ccTLD of Montenegro. Even though the .ME is a ccTLD, it soon opened its doors to worldwide registrations and has quickly achieved worldwide success.

Due to its deep inherent meaning in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Bulgarian and languages spoken in the former Yugoslavia) and limitless wording possibilities, just three days after its official launch, .ME recorded its 100,000th registration. .ME has continued its success over the years with a continuous and stable rise in registrations and more and more big brands being connected to .ME and its development programme – one of those being, Facebook (,,, Wordpress (, Time (, Mercedes ( and others.