Ownership structure

M:tel company was granted a licence for the third telecom operator in Montenegro in April 2007. The structure of m:tel owners is the following: 51% belongs to Telekom Srbija and 49% to Telecom of the Republic of Srpska.

Market and Sales Network

The network commenced commercial operations on 9 July 2007 and 16 branches have been opened in 14 cities of Montenegro so far. Even though m:tel is the youngest mobile operator in Montenegro, it has expanded the points of sale system to the extent of having the largest number of retail checkpoints. Presently, the Company partakes with 29% of the overall mobile users and about 25% of the multi-media (television, Internet and landline telephony) service users, with over 98% mobile telephone signal coverage in the populated territory.

Products and Services

Apart from providing mobile telephony services, m:tel company has also offered services of landline telephony and Internet. In particular, we can highlight the competitive and high quality offer in the segment of cable services. With m:box packages that combine landline and mobile telephony, Internet and digital television, customers get a combination of all telecommunication services in one place with one bill and excellent price. The Company continually launches new visionary services, such as mPAY - mobile payment. Until now, mobile phone was used as tool for communication (voice calls, SMS, emails, social networks) and as means of information but from now on it will be used as payment tool, thanks to the mPAY service.

Strategy and Development

Since entering the Montenegrin market, m:tel is recognized not only for its quality service, affordable prices, friendly, open relationship with its customers, but also for its leading role in introducing new technologies and services.
MTEL continuously invests in the development of technologies that allow access to the service portfolio in rural areas. In addition to further development of mobile networks, company invests significantly in the fixed network. We invest in the development of optical infrastructure and base stations for LTE signal.
As a socially responsible company, m:tel participates actively in the daily progress of the Montenegrin society, contributing to the development of the community, therefore the company provides special support for social, cultural, educational, health and sports programs and initiatives.